Me (Chris)
Hi, I’m Chris, contact me through LinkedIn

So how did I get into electric cars and specifically electric tow cars? Well, I worked in the renewable energy industry for over a decade and we have installed various energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies at our own home (solar PV and wind), which then led to the purchase of our first electric car (Nissan Leaf). My interest in electric tow cars partly comes from running my small caravan/motorhome site called Horton Common. Running a campsite I get to see a lot of cars towing caravans etc, and I’ve discussed the topic of electric tow cars with our guests on several occasions. With a mix of responses to electric tow cars from enthusiasm to apprehension.

Horton Common Caravan Site
My small camping site Horton Common here in the UK

My interest in electric cars which can tow has grown into a hobby. However, I’ve often found finding information about which electric cars can tow, how much they can tow and what their towing range will be quite frustrating. Therefore, I thought I would set up a website purely about electric tow cars.

This website (electrictowcars.co.uk) is focused on cars/trucks which are/will be available in the UK. I also have a separate site (electrictowcars.com) focused on cars for the North American market.

Please use the Menu icon on the top left to browse the site, to review my electric tow cars list and other information. If you click the logo at the top you will be directed to the homepage where I discuss more about the type of cars this website will and will not cover. I hope I’m able to help you find your next electric tow car. 🙂