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There is now a wide selection of electric cars with official towing capacities and the selection is growing year on year. So I thought I would produce an article on what I believe to be the best electric tow cars currently on the market. I’ll be updating this article overtime when new electric tow cars come onto the market. Along with proving category winners, there will also be honourable mentions and a PHEV option where applicable.

Best Electric Tow Cars
We have now got to the point where there is a wide range of electric cars that can tow, so which are the best option for different budgets?

Introduction To The Best Electric Tow Cars

The main objective of this website is to promote pure electric vehicles also known as BEVs (Battery Electic Vehicles). However, as I’ve written about in my articles such as Charging While Towing – The Biggest Challenge and BEVs vs PHEVs for the next few years at least a pure EV (BEV) is not going to be the best option for everyone.

Therefore, for each towing capacity category along with the category winner which will be a BEV I will reference a PHEV option. While the electric range of any PHEV will not be a significant contribution when towing very few cars are daily tow cars. Hence, certain PHEVs with a reasonable EV range (around 50 miles plus) can be an EV most of the time, apart from towing.

The Tesla In The Room…

I’ve been mulling over how to prepare this ‘best electric tow car’ list without an over-emphasis on Tesla vehicles. After all, towing uses about twice the amount of energy (sometimes more) than driving around when not towing. Hence, having access to the Tesla Supercharger network is obviously pretty handy.

However, as of writing this article, Tesla is conducting trials in the EU opening up the Tesla Supercharger network to other electric vehicles, which would obviously change things. Then again, many non-Tesla electric cars are not well set up to use the Tesla charging bays (charge socket in a different position).

I’ve decided to provide this list of what I believe to be the best electric tow cars currently on the market under different budgets. Best electric tow car under £30K, £40K etc. This obviously differs from how I’ve structured my electric tow car list, but I think it works better in this instance.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £30,000

As things currently stand, if you want an electric tow car that has any towing capacity at all you will have to spend close to £30K, and the range of options is not exactly vast. Therefore, at this price point don’t expect an EV that can tow an average UK sized caravan (yet), we’re talking about very lightweight cargo trailers and maybe a teardrop caravan.

Close to this price point you can get the SsangYong Korando E-Motion which can tow an impressive 1,500kg. However, as I discuss in my linked article its range and charging capabilities limit its appeal as not only an electric tow car, but an electric car in general.

Really, for under £30,000 I think the best option for just towing a very lightweight camping trailer or a cargo trailer for going to the tip etc is the…

MG ZS Long Range – Towing Capacity 500KG

Obviously, a 500kg towing capacity is not a lot, its even under the 750kg unbraked trailer legal limit that a tow car will usually have. Therefore, no, you’re not going to be towing a ‘traditional’ caravan behind the back of the MG ZS Long Range.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £30,000 - MG ZS Long Range
The MG ZS Long Range has a real-world range of 225 miles (68 kWh pack): Image –

So while its towing capabilities are clearly limited, why would I recommend this over the SsangYong Korando? Well, its just simply a better electric car in general with a much better real-world range.

There are two versions, one with a 49kWh battery and a larger 68.3kWh pack. Personally, I would recommend the larger pack as it will give a big range bump for only a £2,000 price premium, a no brainer if you ask me.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £40,000

Stepping up the budget to £40,000 there are many more electric car options that have an official towing capacity. There is the Renault Megan E-Tech EV60 with its real-world range of 220 miles, 900kg towing capacity and £35k price point.

You also have two options from the VW group with two vehicles based on the same shared MEB platform, the VW ID.4 and the Skoda Enyaq. At this price, I think the best option of the two would be the Skoda Enyaq iV 80 with the larger 77 kWh battery pack, 260 miles of real-world range and 1,000 kg towing capacity.

For this price point, you can even get a vehicle that many deem to be a ‘premium EV’ in the form of the Polestar 2 with a single motor, real-world range of 215 miles and a respectable 1,500 kg towing capacity. However, the front-wheel drivetrain is by no means ideal for towing.

There is also the entry-level Hyundai IONIQ 5 with its above-average rapid charging speeds. However, the Standard Range 2WD version along with its limited real-world range of 185 miles only has a 750kg towing capacity. I think its the sibling to the IONIQ 5 which is the best option…

KIA EV6 – Towing Capacity 1,600 KG

Ok, the Long Range 2WD version of the KIA EV6 is slightly over £40K (£40,945) but its close enough for me. With the Long Range battery pack in the EV6 (72.5 kWh usable) it delivers a real-world range of around 225 miles.

With the larger battery pack also comes a larger towing capacity of up to 1,600 kg. Hence, as you’re average UK caravan is under this weight, yes, an EV6 is likely capable of towing a caravan.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £40,000 - KIA EV6
The KIA EV6 with a Long Range battery pack not only gets a longer range, faster-charging speed but also a larger towing capacity of 1,600 kg: Image –

While the real-world range of over 200 miles (not towing) is reasonable for the price point and the towing capacity is practical, its the rapid charging capabilities of the KIA EV6 which really set it apart from the other competition.

The EV6 with a Long Range battery (72.5 kWh usable) fitted a rapid charging power of 233kW can be accepted leading to an official rapid charging time from 10% to 80% of just 16 minutes! Now, as I discuss in this article on rapid charging, don’t always expect that rapid charging time to be matched. The point remains though, at this price point that’s as fast as you’re going to charge.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £50,000

With a budget of up to £50,000 there are couple more versions of the electric tow cars referenced above. For instance, the best version of the VW ID.4 in GTX specification with more power, more range (245 real-world miles) and a bump up in towing capacity to 1,200kg.

There is also a better version of the Polestar 2, not only with more power and range but importantly the dual-motor variant is a more viable tow car with AWD over FWD. There is also the entry-level Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure, again a practical 1,500 kg towing capacity but a disappointing range (195 miles) and less than ideal FWD drivetrain.

There are new options with this price bracket such as the Nissan Ariya 63kWh. Practical 1,500kg towing capacity but a disappointing range (205 miles), FWD and relatively slow rapid charging speed (130kW). Then there’s the Mustang Mach-E, impressive range (270 miles), but pathetic 750kg towing capacity.

Really, for under £50,000 providing a 1,000kg towing capacity is sufficient for your needs considering other important factors such as range, charging speed etc I think the best electric tow car is the…

Tesla Model 3 – Towing Capacity 1,000 KG

At this point in time, the exclusivity of the Tesla Supercharger network, its wide availability and the number of charging stalls at each location, if you can afford a Tesla, it logically has to be a consideration.

Hence, for just under £50,000 its possible to purchase a Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor. First off, the AWD system is an advantage for towing, and the car with its 434 hp and 364 lb-ft of torque is more than powerful enough to accelerate a 1,000kg trailer as fast as you would want to.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £50,000 - Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor

An important area where Tesla still holds an advantage over the competition is efficiency. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor with its 75kWh battery has a real-world range (not towing) of 300 miles. Currently, you will not find that kWh to mile ratio from any other manufacturer with an equivalently sized vehicle.

While the build quality of Tesla vehicles and service has been questioned, when it comes to technical capabilities in both hardware and software (over the air updates etc) Tesla still leads the way. Therefore, all in all, for under £50,000 I think the Model 3 is currently offering the best overall package.

PHEV Option – Toyota RAV4 PHEV

If you cannot currently make the jump to a full EV work as an electric tow car then at this price point I believe the best PHEV currently which can tow (1,500 kg) is the Toyota RAV4 PHEV with 46 miles of EV range.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £60,000

We are definitely heading into ‘premium/luxury’ territory at this price point with a couple of the more premium options of electric cars already discussed. For instance, Nissan Ariya 87kWh versions, same 1,500kg towing capacity and more range, but not as much as you would hope from such a battery size, furthermore the 130kW rapid charging rate is not competitive.

There are AWD versions of the Volvo XC40 Recharge and the alternative C40 Recharge, the latter gets a bump up in towing capacity to 1,800kg. However, it also comes with a real-world range (not towing) of 210 miles for £57,000, not great.

You could consider the sleek VW ID.5 or the posher Audi Q4 E-Tron with 1,000kg and 1,200kg towing capacities respectively. However, they have relatively average power outputs, average range and below-average rapid charging speed profiles.

There are also two BMW options, one is a great potential option the i4 eDrive 40 with its real-world range of 290 miles, 1,600kg towing capacity and 200kW DC rapid charging for close to £51K. The other is the iX3, 240-mile real-world range, 750kg towing capacity and 150kW DC rapid charging for close to £59k?!

Really though, logically at this price point, if you are looking for the best electric tow car, you have probably guessed what it is…

Tesla Model Y – Towing Capacity 1,600 KG

Isn’t the Model Y just a large Model 3? Well yes, sort of, but more importantly with the Model Y its a hatchback rather than a saloon in the case of the Model 3. Hence, its much more practical loading the Model Y with stuff along with the fact you can fit more in.

Though generally yes, the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor is very similar to the Model 3 above in many specifications. While the Model Y does have a reduced range due to the larger body resulting in more aerodynamic drag, there is another difference, a larger 1,600kg towing capacity.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £60,000 - Tesla Model Y
While the current Tesla Model Y has competitive specifications, an improved version is shortly on the way: Image –

The current specifications of the Long Range Dual Motor Model Y along with access to the Supercharger network I believe make it the most compelling option as an electric tow car at this price point. However, an improved version from the new Tesla factory in Berlin will be on its way soon.

An updated version of the Model Y will feature a new construction process for the chassis and battery pack with a new style of battery referred to as 4680 cells. These improvements will reduce the weight of the Model Y and improve the energy density of the battery, hence more range.

PHEV Option – Mercedes c300e

If you still want an engine in your life then at this price point higher specification versions of the Mercedes c300e with an EV range of 65 to 68 miles are available. The estate is the most practical option as a tow car and it can tow 1,800kg.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £70,000

Now we’re in the luxury price brackets what new options up as an electric tow car? Well, there is the Jaguar I-Pace but its 750kg towing capacity, low range and slow rapid charging speeds are less than ideal.

An option that has also been around for many years now is the Audi E-Tron 50 Quattro. While its towing capacity is very practical at 1,800kg you can not say the same about its sub 200-mile real-world range (not towing).

The Mercedes EQC 400 matches the E-Tron with its 1,800kg towing capacity and does better with its real-world range of 230 miles. However, the EQC has a maximum rapid charging speed of just 112kW.

In this price bracket, I think its BMW who is currently offering the best choices. There is the i4 M50 which is a more powerful AWD version of the base model referenced above with the same 1,600kg towing capacity but a lower 270 mile real-world range. But if you want more towing capacity it has to be the…

BMW iX – Towing Capacity 2,500 KG

Now, I’m not going to tell you I think the BMW iX is the best looking EV at this price point or any price point for that matter. It’s an extremely brutalist design that is not going to appeal to many people, not many people at all I think. But let’s focus on the specifications, notably that 2,500kg towing capacity.

For this price point, the iX xDrive 40 just sneaks in getting a decent towing capacity and AWD. It also has a very premium interior and an impressive air suspension system. However, the real-world range is only so so at 215 miles and its rapid charging speed of 150kW is a bit disappointing.

Best Electric Tow Car Under £70,00 - BMW iX
I think we can agree that the look of the BMW iX is an acquired taste, however, its 2,500kg towing capacity is market-leading: Image –

Hence, for about £6K less you could get the BMW i4 M50 which has more power, goes further and charges faster. Then again, you also lose 900kg in towing capacity with the BMW i4.

I’ve given the iX xDrive 40 the nod due to its market leading 2,500kg towing capacity at this price point. However, I could just as easily have given the i4 M50 the top spot for its superior specifications in certain areas as mentioned above.

PHEV Option – BMW X5 45e

If you want the go the PHEV route I think the best option currently available is the BMW X5 45e. It comes with a towing capacity of 2,700kg and an EV range of 54 miles.

Conclusions On The Best Electric Tow Cars

I’ll be updating this article over time as new versions of the electric cars above come onto the market and new models in general. I’ve yet to discuss some even more luxury categories (£80,000+ etc) and I’ll get around to it.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I’ll be able to add some lower-priced categories under £30K of electric cars that can tow. Furthermore, here’s hoping that the towing capacity of the cars within the price brackets above increase, along with range and charging rates of course.

I would encourage you to save this article to your favourites to check future updates and I’ll be changing the title of the article to reflect future changes/updates. I would also very much encourage you to check out my electric tow car guide articles to learn more about range loss when towing etc. 🙂


Hi, I’m Chris. I own and write all the content on The content above is purely my own personal thoughts/opinions/research and should not be treated as professional advice. I hope you find the content above useful to help you find your future ideal electric tow car or truck.

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