Mercedes EQS – What Can It Tow?

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This is not an electric car I thought I would be writing about on this website, but the Mercedes EQS is rated to tow, not a lot mind you but many other electric cars at this price point cannot tow at all. So if you can afford the Mercedes EQS and you’re looking for the longest-range electric tow car currently on the market look no further. However, the 750kg maximum towing capacity of the Mercedes EQS is not that practical, it can tow a small cargo trailer or teardrop caravan. I don’t think that’s really this cars targeted clientele.

Mercedes EQS
Definitely the poshest electric tow car to date but it also provides the longest range currently available: Image –

Key Mercedes EQS Specs

  • Official Towing Capacity – 750 kg (450+ & 580 4MATIC)
  • Availability – Now for the 450+, 2022 for the 580 4MATIC
  • Price – Starting £99,995 (450+) > £120,000 (580 4MATIC)
  • Range (EV Database) – 380 miles (580 4MATIC) > 395 miles (450+)
  • Estimate Towing Range (50%) – 190 miles (580 4MATIC) > 198 miles (450+)
  • Maximum DC Charge Rate – 200 kW (all versions)
  • Rapid Charge 10% to 80% – 32 min
  • Check Used Mercedes EQS Specs

Mercedes EQS HP & Torque

  • 450+: RWD, 329 HP and 419 lb-ft of torque
  • 580 4MATIC: AWD, 516 HP and 613 lb-ft of torque

Mercedes EQS Towing Capabilities

Previously electric Mercedes such as the EQC and EQA were EV conversions of existing ICE vehicles. Whereas the EQS is the first electric car from Mercedes which has been designed to be an EV from the ground up. Where that shows is when it comes to efficiency.

I reference aerodynamics quite a lot on this website, more often than not I’m talking about the aerodynamic quality of trailers/caravans and how that impacts range when towing. However, the aerodynamic qualities of the electric car its self is also obviously important, and the EQS is very efficient with a very low drag coefficient of 0.2.

You’ll just have to trust me on this, that’s a very low figure and means the EQS makes the most out of its pretty large battery of over 100kWh. So much so, the EQS in 450+ RWD form gives a real-world range of just under 400 miles and therefore an estimated towing range of close to 200 miles.

I’m not sure who’s is interested in towing a 750kg trailer that sort of distance behind a Mercedes EQS, but when it comes to electric towing, currently no other electric car can go further. I should note though, there will also be an even more fancy AMG 53 variant of the EQS, but that’s not been given any towing capacity at all.

Mercedes EQS VS The Competition

The motoring press are stating the EQS is Mercedes answer to the Tesla Model S, which it is, but not when it comes to electric tow cars. For some reason, Tesla has never given the Model S a tow rating, which is a bit odd, as the Model X is based on the chassis of the Model S.

Therefore, if you are willing to spend around £100K on an electric tow car is there any competition for the Mercedes EQS? Well, from Audi the closest competition is the E-Tron S Sportback 55 Quattro (catchy right?) which starts at £88K and can tow 1,800kg. However, in terms of real-world range, the Audi will go about 205 miles (seriously).

At this price point its mainly electric SUVs such as the Tesla Model X which can tow 2,250kg with a starting price of £90K and has a real-world range of just under 300 miles. Alternatively, there is BMW iX 50 with a starting price of £91K which can tow an even more impressive 2,500kg and has a real-world range of 315 miles.

While these other electric tow cars have much more practical towing capacities compared to the EQS there is a significant difference in range. Therefore, it is disappointing that EQS has such a relatively small towing capacity so that long-range can not be taken advantage of more fully.

Mercedes EQS Review

Below I’ve included the tongue in cheek review of the Mercedes EQS by Fully Charged where they have a bit of fun with the stereotypical customer base for this car. There is no question that when it comes to interior quality and refinement the EQS is up there (and likely above) anything else currently on the market.

The Mercedes EQS is definitely one of the poshest electric cars on sale today

On a more serious note though, as Jack puts it in the review above ‘the EQS is a range monster‘ and it really is. While obviously towing is not going to be done by many EQS owners (if any) the fact it can go close to 200 miles while towing, likely more at slower than motorway speeds is impressive.

My Thoughts On The Mercedes EQS…

The Mercedes EQS is an uber-luxury electric car with a price to match, while it does have a small towing capacity its by no means intended to be a ‘proper’ electric tow car, and that’s fine.

My main takeaway from the EQS is Mercedes is taking the efficiency and aerodynamic performance of their second-generation electric cars seriously. That’s important, because if we want to see significant range improvements from electric cars its not just going to come from putting in larger and larger batteries.

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