Skoda Enyaq iV – What Can It Tow?

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The Enyaq is the first from the ground up fully electric vehicle from the Skoda brand. Being part of the VW group, pretty much all Skoda models are based on a shared platform with VW branded vehicles, and the Enyaq is no different. The Enyaq shares the same MEB electric platform with the VW ID.4. With the same battery/motor options, the main differences between the two being exterior and interior styling. Hence, the Skoda Enyaq has the potential to be an electric tow car just like the VW ID.4, but its more affordable.

Skoda Enyaq iV
The Skoda Enyaq iV has a much more conventional/traditional appearance compared to the related VW ID.4: Image –

Key Skoda Enyaq iV Specs

  • Official Towing Capacity – 1,000 kg (60 & 80), 1,200 kg (80x & RS)
  • Availability – Now
  • Price – Starting £32,010 (60) > £46,000 (RS)
  • Range (EV Database) – 205 miles (60) > 260 miles (80)
  • Estimated Towing Range (50%) – 103 miles (60) > 130 miles (80)
  • Maximum Charge Rate – 128 kW (60) > 135 kW (80, 80X & RS)
  • Rapid Charge 10% to 80% – 30 min (60) > 33 min (80, 80X & RS)
  • Check Used Skoda Enyaq Specs

Skoda Enyaq iV HP & Torque

  • 60 – RWD with 177 HP and 229 lb-ft of torque
  • 80 – RWD with 201 HP and 229 lb-ft of torque
  • 80X – AWD with 261 HP and 313 lb-ft of torque
  • RS – AWD with 302 HP and 339 lb-ft of torque

Skoda Enyaq Towing Capabilities

Originally in my VW ID.4 article, I discussed how we only have details on the RWD ID.4 1st edition which can tow (1,000 kg). It was later confirmed the only AWD ID.4 GTX has the higher 1,200 kg towing capacity, which would match the US-Spec ID.4.

Well, Skoda had been a bit more forthcoming with their plans for the Enyaq and we knew more about the AWD models. Basically, the lower-spec RWD Enyaq 60 & 80 have a 1,000 kg towing capacity and the higher-spec AWD 80X and RS get a 1,200 kg towing capacity.

Now, I should point out, there is an entry-level Enyaq 50 that I’ve not referenced above in the Key Specs. The reason being, it appears that model does not have a towing capacity at all. Therefore, for this site on electric tow cars its not a model we’re interested in.

On the subject of towing capacities, while researching for this article I saw a towing figure from Skoda that could be misinterpreted. Checking the Press Kit for the Enyaq I came across the following:

Skoda Enyaq Towing Capacity Press Release
Is this 1,400 kg towing figure for the Skoda Enyaq RS correct or an error? : Screenshot –

So when I read the press release above, it immediately caught my attention as that 1,400 kg towing capacity is 200kg more than that stated for any VW ID.4. Therefore I discussed it with Arne Brethouwer over at the who I reference for the real-world range figures of EVs.

Arne believes the 1,400 kg figure in the press release is due to confusion over the 0% incline towing capabilities of the vehicle and the 10% incline towing capability figure which is lower (1,200 kg). Hence, I’m going to go with the 1,200 kg towing capacity figure for the Skoda Enyaq RS.

Skoda Enyaq vs VW ID.4

In the future, I’ll be writing more ‘vs’ articles to compare the capabilities/features of different electric tow cars in similar price brackets. However, I thought I should quickly run through my thoughts on the Enyaq vs the ID.4.

After all, these two electric cars in terms of their core capabilities are the same. However, the exterior/interior styling is different, and so are their prices.

I don’t personally think the VW ID.4 is ‘ugly’, but I do prefer the styling of the Skoda Enyaq: Image –

If we put any ‘brand snobbery’ to one side I think the Skoda Enyaq is a very compelling alternative to the VW ID.4. The looks and styling of a vehicle in terms of which is ‘better’ is obviously completely subjective. Though I believe objectively most people would agree that the Enyaq looks much more like most other Skoda cars than the ID.4 to other VW cars.

With the ID.4 is appears VW wanted to clearly differentiate the car as an EV from their internal combustion cars. While there are people who want to be seen to drive an EV, others are more concerned with the styling of the car just being something they’re happy with. Personally, if I had to choose between the Enyaq and the ID.4 on the styling front, I’d go with the Skoda.

The Price Difference

Looking at the VW ID.4 and the Skoda Enyaq purely in terms of their towing capabilities the price divide is notable. The ID.4 1st/Pro Performance with RWD is comparable to the Skoda Enyaq 80, which has a starting price of £39,365.

Both cars have a usable battery capacity of 77kW. However, the real-world range of the Enyaq 80 (260 miles) is predicted to be slightly better than the ID.4 1st/Pro Performance (255 miles).

Hence, the Skoda Enyaq should also return on average a slightly better towing range of 130 miles, compare to the 128 miles for the ID.4. Both cars have a maximum towing capacity of 1,000 kg.

There is a roughly a £2,700 premium for the VW ID.4 over the Skoda Enyaq. So personally, I not only prefer how the Enyaq looks, its cheaper to boot!

Skoda Enyaq Review

The review I’ve included below is from What Car which echos my comments above on price, being the most cost-effective means to own an electric car based on this particular platform. When it comes to internal storage space on price for an EV the Skoda Enyaq is tough to beat for an EV.

What Car review of the Skoda Enyaq

Something worth noting, in the first reviews above and the original specs I provided the maximum charge rate on the Enyaq (and the ID.4 for that matter) was 125kW. However, now the official specs state 135kW maximum charging rates. I’m not sure if this is a hardware change or a software update for the vehicles.

My Thoughts On The Skoda Enyaq…

In terms of an electric tow car, the Skoda Enyaq with either a 1,000 kg or 1,200 kg towing capacity is not going to be suitable for your typical touring caravan. Though it could potentially pull some lightweight caravans/campers such as teardrop caravans.

Perhaps you only need an electric tow car to pull a small cargo trailer to the tip for instance. Under that scenario, the Skoda Enyaq would be more than capable for many people’s requirements.

I do think Skoda looks to have produced a very solid and compelling electric tow car for light-duty applications. As shown above, when compared to the closely related VW ID.4 it offers much better value. I also think in 2020 due to the many years now that Skoda has been making good quality/reliable cars any brand snobbery is irrational.

Therefore, as I’ve stated above, with the facts as they are, if I was choosing between the VW ID.4 and the Skoda Enyaq, I’d choose the Skoda for the better looks (my opinion) and the better price (fact).

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