SsangYong Korando e-Motion – What Can it Tow?

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When you think of South Korean car manufacturers its likely your first thoughts are of Hyundai/KIA. However, there is a smaller/more niche Korean brand that you do see on UK roads from time to time, SsangYong. Hyundai and KIA brands are now focusing on more premium electric car offerings with the IONIQ 5 and EV6. However, the SsangYong Korando e-Motion is a more budget-focused EV, and I was surprised to learn it can tow.

SsangYong Korando e-Motion
The Korando e-Motion has a rather surprising 1,500kg towing capacity, but what about range/charging speed?: Image –

SsangYong Korando e-Motion Specs

  • Official Towing Capacity – 1,500 kg
  • Availability – Now
  • Price – Starting £30,495
  • Range (EV Database) – 180 miles
  • Estimated Towing Range (50%) – 90 miles
  • Maximum DC Charge Rate – 80kW
  • Rapid Charge 10% to 80% – 41 min
  • Check Used SsangYong Korando e-Motion Specs

SsangYong Korando e-Motion HP & Torque

  • FWD with 188 HP and 266 lb-ft of torque

SsangYong Korando e-Motion Towing Capabilties

SsangYong only has a small presence in the UK market currently. However, maybe with the Korando e-Motion, they are trying to get ahead of the competition with this affordable BEV SUV and gain market share. Well, when it comes to towing capacity there are currently no other pure battery electric vehicles around £30K that can tow 1,500 kg.

However, it will also have one of the lowest projected ranges of around 90 miles towing. The Korando e-Motion is fitted with a battery slightly under 62kWh in capacity, of which 56kWh is usable. For the price point its a competitive battery capacity, but when it comes to towing, that battery capacity could get used up pretty quickly.

The question then becomes how fast can it rapid charge? Well, the challenges of charging while towing aside, an 80kW rapid charging speed is average at best. Offering a 10% to 80% charge time of slightly over 41 minutes.

Previously with my articles on EVs such as the Jaguar I-Pace or BMW iX3 I’m stating their towing capacity is not sufficient compared to the vehicles other specifications. However, in the case of the Korando e-Motion, it feels as though its towing capacity is not properly supported by the vehicles other specs.

Sure, the Korando e-Motion has sufficient power (188 HP) and torque (266 lb-ft) to pull a 1,500kg trailer/caravan. However, its only really going to be capable of pretty short-range towing (50 to 100 miles).

SsangYong Korando e-Motion Review

As SsangYong vehicles are not that common in the UK and the Korando e-Motion has only recently been released its not too surprising there are limited reviews I can reference. To the point, I cannot actually find a UK review at present. However, the review below from AutoRAI International does a good job reviewing the car and discussing how it compares to its direct EV competition.

A quick 7-minute review of the SsangYong Korando e-Motion

My Thoughts On The SsangYong Korando e-Motion…

I am happy that we now have an EV close to the generally affordable price point of £30K that can tow 1,500kg, i.e your typical UK caravan. Compared to the competition when it comes to towing capacity the Korando e-Motion is notably ahead.

The closest competition currently is the MG ZS Long Range which is a couple of thousand pounds cheaper but it can only tow 500kg. The Renault Megane E-Tech costs around £5K more than the Korando e-Motion but can still only tow 900kg.

Other EVs which can tow 1,500kg or around that figure are the likes of the Nissan Ariya (at least £7K more), Polestar 2 (at least £9K more) or the Volvo XC40 Recharge (at least £13K more). Hence, when it comes to towing capacity, the Korando e-Motion is good value.

However, due to its other specs (range/rapid charging speed) its just not that practical. Though if you’re looking to tow over short distances only, a trailer to the tip for instance. Then currently for the price, you will not find an EV that can tow more.


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